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Known for his passion for the brand and his highly regarded restoration skill set, Andrew knows that it is not just about replacing parts – it’s about keeping the car as original as possible but achieving the result as if it were as good as the day that it left the factory.

With technology in the motor trade moving at such a rate and the development of hybrid systems and high-voltage technology in new cars, the knowledge and skill sets needed to maintain and restore older cars are naturally declining.

Andrew has extensive knowledge of the older and more classic Porsche’s including experience with carburettor and MFI 911s, though it is not just about 911 – having been highly involved with the 1980 Le Mans 924 GTP car restoration and his own 914 and 924 restoration projects, Andrew has a wide range of experience across the Porsche brand.

"With a passion for classic Porsche’s and an eye for detail, I treat every car as if it were my own. Whether you would like a sympathetic mechanical restoration or a full-blown, nut and bolt restoration, I can tailor a restoration plan to your meet your requirements.'

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project.

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