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Welcome to RSR Developments

At RSR Developments we have extensive knowledge of the Porsche brand through hands on experience and dealer training we can provide service maintenance for your Porsche as per manufactures schedule. Whether it’s a humble Porsche 914 or an iconic 911 GT3RS we can cater for you, and in some circumstances, we can come to you to carry out services.

Please contact us for service prices 

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Andrew is able to come to you and your car to carry out basic maintenance operations or to sort out those annoying over winter problems such as non-starts and seized brakes. Please contact us for more information.



Know for his passion for the brand and his highly regarded restoration skill set, Andrew knows that it is not just about replacing parts – it’s about keeping the car as original as possible but achieving the result as if it were as good as the day that it left the factory.



Probably one of the most common questions I get asked is about the intermediate shaft bearing, IMS. The vehicles that are affected with the potential failure are 9x6 and gen 1 997. Porsche eventually uprated the bearing during the production period of the 997 to take the larger IMS with a larger bearing.

The very early, pre 2000, 9x6's had the dual row bearing installed. After 2000 they installed a single row bearing. There are various failure reasons as every vehicle has a different history, however I believe that failure is usually down to poor maintenance, oil and filter changes are so important on these engines.

Here we now treat the IMS bearings as a serviceable part so in essence we would recommend replacing the bearing either with a new aftermarket kit or replace the bearing, like for like and remove the seals before installing.   



Click the link below for our service pricelist.

Porsche Services: Services
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