Andrew Wexham established RSR Developments in 2018. He has 20 years of experience in the motor trade, on the shop floor. He has spent the last nine years working exclusively on Porsche.

Andrew is Porsche factory trained to Silver Technician level and has been part of the Porsche Classic Partner network. He was one of the first technicians in the UK to receive Technical Classic training, in Ludwigsberg, Germany.

Photo: Andrew Wexham working on the 924 GTP Le Mans race car, preparing for press day.

Andrew has worked on highly regarded restorations including the 924 GTP Le Mans race car, with Porsche Cars Great Britain. He took part as a team member in the restoration competition by restoring a 930 3.3 turbo. The car won 1st place in the mechanical restoration category. The restoration was awarded second place overall.

Andrew was part of the race team for the 40-year anniversary of Porsche’s transaxle models, where Richard Attwood raced a 928.

Photo: Richard Attwood at Spa discussing with Andrew his racing line through Eau Rouge in the 928 race car.

Much of Andrew’s work has involved air-cooled engines. Among his most enjoyable projects have been a 2.7 RS, a 1951 Pre-A 356 and a 930 BTR (RUF) engine, all of which were fully stripped, assessed and re-built.

Andrew’s passion and fascination with the brand has glued his attention to Porsche and everything about it. After his first road test in a 2.7 RS he understood the ethos, and what Porsche is all about. He has never looked back!

Andrew has a keen eye for detail and produces some of the best engine restorations out there. He understands the importance of these early cars and appreciates what they stand for and how much they mean to their owners. They are expensive cars and need the best people to look after them.

Photo: Andrew at the presentation of a model of the 924 GTP car in recognition of the restoration of the number 2 car by Juergen Barth, who raced the German 924 GTP car in Le Mans, on behalf of Porsche Cars Great Britain.